Benefitsfor Simulation Centres

Simulation centres can enjoy a streamlined management and allocation process for SPs.

Save time.

SPs sign up and cancel directly in the system and can access all of the info they need. This massively reduces email and phone communication from SPs.

Less Supervision.

With our easy to use platform, senior staff can be less involved with the process, confident that things are running smoothly.

Increased Visibility.

Need to see an overview of all of the upcoming sessions and the allocated patients?  Our Master View of the diary has you covered.


Free up admin time.

With less time spent responding to patients, admin staff can be freed up to work on other projects.

Avoid double booking.

With Bookr’s session capacity feature, double bookings are a thing of the past. When a session is full, it will disappear from the session signup page and will be unavailable for other SPs to book.

Increase staff retention

We have had feedback from some organisations that the complexity of running a SP program has caused high turnover of staff. Bookr’s efficient approach improves job satisfaction and could help you retain existing talent and decrease staff turnover.


Bookr tracks the number of signups, cancellations and sessions per month. Enhanced reporting, such as SP-specific reporting is coming soon.

Benefits for SPs

Bookr provides a one-stop-shop for SPs.

Save time and hassle.

All of the information SPs need is at their fingertips, such as scripts and location info, which means less time spent searching their email inbox and less time contacting the simulation centre.

Easy to Use.

SPs can sign up for sessions in a single click and cancel directly in the system.

Stay Informed.

Upcoming and past sessions are displayed on the dashboard. News updates are posted to the Bookr system.

Reduce no-shows.

The system sends email and SMS reminders, so SPs can rest assured they won’t miss a session.

Mobile friendly.

SPs can access the system from mobile, tablet or desktop.

Increase Confidence.

Training Videos can be uploaded to Bookr, so SPs can feel confident in their ability to participate in the sessions.

Security and Privacy


The Cyber Essentials security certification
is a UK Government backed certification from the National Cyber Security Centre. It helps us to guard our organisation against cyber attack and demonstrates our commitment to cyber security.

Data Protection

We take data protection very seriously. We have a company wide Data Protection Policy and an Information Security policy. These are available upon request to existing and potential clients, please Contact Us.

The Privacy Policy for our Bookr platform can be viewed here

Platform Security

Our Bookr platform has a number of safeguards in place to protect the app from exploits.

Web Application Firewall

Bookr uses Cloudflare Enterprise, which is a premium security product.

Multi-factor authentication

Regular Security Patching

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