Simulation Session and SP Booking Platform

Booking software created especially for the management of Simulated Participants

The Bookr platform streamlines all aspects of scheduling your Simulated Patients, which saves time and reduces workload. The result is happy staff and happy SPs.

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Managing SPs can be challenging. Manually allocating patients to sessions. Juggling spreadsheets, calendars or MS Access databases. Tons of email and phone communication to handle questions and cancellations. Using a manual process or a system that’s not fit for purpose can be time consuming and cumbersome.

Book Patients withEase

Bookr is designed to help healthcare organisations streamline their clinical skills training and examinations by making it easy to book simulated patients for sessions. With our user-friendly interface, patients can book and cancel their session attendance directly in the web app with a single click, reducing the time and effort required to organise clinical training.

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